Three are the basic pillars on which the strategy of VIÓ bases on:

(1) Use of technical and innovative fabrics

(2) Design and manufacture “made in BCN”

(3) Exclusivity in both design and shopping experience.

VIÓ is born under each of these premises, fighting daily to maintain and improve them. We are non-conformists by nature, we were born because nothing, or little, of what exists satisfied our desire for design and conception of sportswear.
We understood that there was a niche of people who were looking for something different, who appreciated the quality of the details, who wanted a unique experience and shopping format. We think we have achieved this, at least to a great extent.
Entrepreneurship is an exciting and risky adventure that demands the best of oneself. Along the way, an entrepreneur meets people, entities and suppliers who help him grow and add value to his project. It is now time to thank them for their involvement and commitment.

Thanks to: Palau Avança, Eix Riera de Caldes , SPMakers, Ana A., Jaume G., Mª Luisa V., TecnoCampus Mataró, Plus Value , Tonia M., Jordi P., Marc A., Ricard and Raquel from 5ipunt , Cristina A., David B., Adrián A., Cristina L., Jessica B.… And to all our suppliers of fabrics, clothing, packaging, labels, printing, IT, equipment for trade fairs and sports events, etc …

For now, we have come here. Now it’s your turn to join us.

Dressing you into the Future.