Man Bike Wear

Man Bike Wear

VIÓ Bike Wear has created a collection of men’s cycling apparel with superior technical features, premium quality and unique designs. On your road or mountain rides, these garments will improve your performance and will make you feel so comfortable that you won’t want to get off your bike.

Technical cycling wear for man

Conceived and manufactured for a demanding biker. Using the best Spanish and Italian fabrics available on the market. Premium PADS approved for more than 8 hours over the bike and with S.A.T. (Shock Absorption Technology). We have surpassed ourselves and taken risks by offering you unique collections, now it’s up to you to enjoy them.

Bike wear for man designed and manufactured by passionate specialists

Did you know that at VIÓ Bike Wear we are very passionate cyclists? We enjoy our passion and we project it in our work. Our R&D team has taken years developing and testing each garment, thinking about the best for the biker. With our CYCLING JERSEYS for men and CYCLING TIGHTS for men you will discover a new way to practice your sport, where the peace of mind of carrying the best sports equipment on the market allows you to think about the only thing that really matters: surmount this mountain port, descend for this single-track, beat your friends…