We exist because we are

nonconformists, transgressors and disruptive

We create our own path. We are born to design the garments we dream of, choosing the best technical fabrics available in the market and manufacture locally. We design and manufacture in Barcelona because our purpose is to be as sustainable as possible, which is why we work exclusively with local suppliers.

We dream up, we ask to our target customers and we try to find the desired garment. At that point, it’s time for you to enjoy it: Workout in the gym, climb a mountain pass or get dirty going down a singletrack in bike, take part in a competition, dress it casually

We seek excellence in quality and shopping experience.

We take care of all the details so that acquiring a garment will be more than dress it: browse our website, visit our blog, order the desired garment, receive it, open the box, feel and live the exclusivity of a premium brand.

Let us dress you for the future… Dressing you into the Future