Bike Wear Accessories

VIÓ Bike Wear has created an unisex cycling accessories collection with superior technical features, premium quality and unique designs. In collaboration with the best specialized local manufacturers. On your road or mountain rides, these bike accessories will improve your performance and will be a perfect ally for your VIÓ Bike Wear garments.

Unisex cycling accessories

Conceived and manufactured for a demanding sportspersons. Using the best materials and technical means available on the market. Bike GLOVES with gel inserts in support areas. Cycling SOCKS with high support in the metatarsal area of the foot and the right pressure on the band to guarantee comfort and its position without disturbing or marking the skin.

Unisex cycling gloves and cycling socks designed and manufactured by passionate specialists

Did you know that at VIÓ Bike Wear we are very passionate cyclists? We enjoy our passion and we project it in our work. We have collaborated with the best to develop a range of premium cycling accessories. Our CYCLING GLOVES incorporate the advanced Clarino™ synthetic fabric on the palm, which provides great resistance to abrasion against falls and repels water and stains. The combination of technical fabrics of our CYCLING SOCKS offers great breathability and a very fast drying level.