Man Sportswear

Man Sportswear

Man Sportswear

Thought to get the best performance on court or gym.

Microfresh® fabric, designed to keep the body dry and cool

"Fit" pattern, it adapts to the body and allows freedom of movement.

VIÓ Exclusive Wear has created a collection of sportswear for running, trail running, fitness, gym, CrossFit®, paddle y tennis. The VIÓ man is demanding, seeks superior technical quality and performance, and recognizes the value of what goes beyond the simple sportswear.

Technical t-shirts for man

No, not all t-shirts are the same. At VIÓ we design under the 360º comfort concept, so that you look good, practice your sport feeling good and you can go to the limit of your own demand knowing that you will always be well.



Man’s sportswear designed by specialists in the world of sport

Did you know that we use a superior quality ultralight technical fabric at VIÓ? Our R&D team has developed a totally exclusive product designed so that you can exercise in the best way. With our men’s sports shirts and our men’s sports pants you will discover a new way of practicing sport, where the relief of wearing the best sports equipment on the market allows you to think about the only thing that really matters: your goal, your objective.