On October 25th, 26th and 27th, VIÓ was present at the commercial village of III TORNEO MGC Mutua, which was celebrated at Maresme Pàdel Club, in Premià de Mar (Barcelona ). On this occasion we participated as collaborators of the tournament and it was our “coming out” and first official appearance as a brand in a paddle tournament.

VIÓ offered a comfortable and visual space where the public who visited us could see firsthand our premium sportswear. They were able to touch, feel and try on our t-shirts (T-Shirt and Tank Top), shorts (Short Pants) and skirts with leggings (Skirt), as well as making purchases at special prices for that occasion. This is something that will be repeated in all face-to-face acts in which VIÓ participates.

Tournament participants can try on the collection and buy at special prices

We had the opportunity to make ourselves known, explain our history and the brand project, while knowing the feelings and concerns of our customers. To Listen your potential customers makes you acquire a real vision of what the market expects from you, helping you to develop garments that aspire to solve and meet their expectations.


VIÓ presented the first prototypes of technical socks (Socks). Its design, pattern and usability were tested, in order to incorporate the necessary changes, before facing the final phase of production. Our intention is to continue presenting this prototype phase to show our design lines and collect market opinions (as the same way that car manufacturers do with their “concept cars”…).

For VIÓ, which has a clear online vocation, having offline spaces where being able to carry out commercial and promotional actions is essential and helps to enhance our growth as a brand in both channels. Our fabrics, patterns and delivery format should be a “sensory” experience for the audience we are addressing, and these events are a very good opportunity to put it into practice.

Next appointment:

Club Barberà Padel Indoor on Saturday, November 16th (from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm)

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