When one considers creating a brand, in our case, within the sports textile sector, one must think about what aspects will differentiate it from the established competition. They are already there, you are still about to start…

What do you contribute to the market that established brands are not already contributing?

INNOVATIVE FABRICS, LOCAL PRODUCTION, PREMIUM and EXCLUSIVE CLOTHING were concepts that sounded in our head when creating this project. But we also wanted to take advantage of some of our previous professional experience, especially in design and manufacturing processes in the Automotive and Industrial Prototyping sectors, to incorporate all the technological advances in certain manufacturing processes that our brand’s products might end up needing.

LASER CUT: After manufacturing the first prototypes of cardboard boxes manually, we discovered that we could build them using this technology. Thanks to our entrepreneur office & workshop SPMakers we had the necessary laser cutting machine to reduce the manufacturing time of the different evolutions of our VIÓ BOX-1. After a handmade labeling with printed stickers, we obtained functional cardboard boxes, in the standard Kraft cardboard and with the graphics that simulated the definitive boxes that would come later.

Manual production of first prototypes

Final presentation of VIÓ garment.

Boxes made by die stamping and screen printing

Through this manufacturing process, we also obtained the markings of the first 2 samples of our collection. The 2D CAD design helped us to position and optimize the different patterns of the garments by sizes in the marked ones, and the laser cut saved us time, something very precious in the path of an entrepreneur. If we had to do it “by hand” we would have invested much more time and human resources. In addition, dimensionally and geometrically speaking, we obtained a very precise result.

LASER MARKING : As a complement to the sale in our display stands, we plan to customize the hangers on which our products would be presented. It would be another differentiating element that was part of our idea of branding. The result was the obtaining of 30 hangers that served us for the first pre-series of display stands.

TOP hanger

BOTTOM hanger

CUTTING PLOTTER : Our garments are sold in an exclusive cardboard box format, and within it we wanted introduce a small “gift”. We thought that an adhesive with the VIÓ logo would be a practical element, because of its applications and because it gave us the possibility to promote ourselves through our own clients, sincerely. We prototype with a vinyl cutting plotter ROLAND desktop, which served us to perform the tests of durability and sun exposure we wanted. We were testing them in different applications: cell phone cases, motorcycle helmets, cars, laptops, etc …

VIÓ adhesive vinyl.

You will find it inside each BOX

3D DESIGN + LASER CUTTING + PAINTING : So that VIÓ had the differentiated visibility that demanded faced with other brands, it became necessary to design a series of display stands (PLV), which would help distributors, and our face-to-face actions at sport shows and tournaments, to show the garments. The first prototype was manufactured manually with 15mm and 30mm honeycomb structural cardboard. Once tested, a pre-series was manufactured, in which industrial processes of 3D design (renders), laser cutting and marking and water painting were used. The materials chosen on this occasion were 9mm high density Kraft recycled cardboard and DM woods (the latter, for areas with more demands in terms of weights and efforts to support). All this with the premise of using the least glues and chemical adhesives possible, for which a previous design phase had to be done in which to provide the necessary mechanical fittings. We obtained, in this way, exhibitors very respectful with the environment and easy to assemble and store.

VIÓ PLV-1 final

We recommend you visit the page https://misterkarton.com/ . It is a true factory of illusions for lovers of design and manufacture in cardboard.

We will continue to reveal more details about VIÓ in subsequent publications. Stay tuned.

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