When our brand was still a conceptual idea we decided that we did not want to fill the sports fashion market with another brand, we wanted to offer something different and do it in a different way. This is how VIÓ was born, a sportswear brand, yes, but also a brand with the most exclusive and sustainable technical fabrics, manufacturing locally and responsibly and with impeccable traceability.

“We did not want to offer the market one more sports brand, we wanted to offer something different”


Sustainable sportswear

A fundamental part of our work is the selection of raw materials, not only for the manufacture of garments, but also for packaging and merchandising elements.

  • We take into account the type of chemical processes to which the fabric has been subjected
  • We look for recycled and / or recyclable materials of low impact
  • We firmly believe that the concept of slow fashion is the basis for an essential paradigm change in fashion world.

Confection km 0

We work only with local production suppliers, since our goal is to minimize our carbon footprint.

  • We try our products not to travel unnecessarily, so we do not create emissions directly or indirectly
  • We ensure the traceability of all our products
  • We support production in local workshops, promoting our surrounding industrial network
  • We collaborate in the creation of dignified jobs in companies committed to environment and quality of life of employees

Creation of a responsible local manufacturing network

We have been methodical in the search for local suppliers with our quality standards, personnel management and concern for environment.

  • We only work with companies responsible and committed to the environment
  • We are nourished by our suppliers knowhow and collaborate in the creation of synergies that promote the local industrial and technological network.

Proud to be Mediterranean

We are lucky, we live in a privileged place and we respect it. And, in addition, we take advantage of its beauty to transfer its essence to our designs.

Our designs are modern, fresh and disruptive, we work only limited editions, we value quality over quantity, we create garments to last.


If you still didn’t know us, welcome to VIÓ’s world.

Dressing you into the Future