1. General Regulations.

1.1. Shipping costs will always be paid by the Customer and are not included in the price indicated for each product. This same concept also includes handling costs that could be associated with the service.
1.2. The resulting amount to be paid for shipping and handling will be informed in one of the steps of the purchase process before confirmation.
1.3. Shipping costs may vary from product to product depending on their characteristics and dimensions.

2. Geographical scope.

2.1. Shipping Zones.
VIÓ will only ship to the following areas:
– Peninsular Spain.
– Islas Baleares.
– Continental Portugal.
– Some European countries (See item “5.3”).

2.2. Shipping Excluded Areas.
VIÓ will not ship its products to the Islas Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla. These and all areas and countries not indicated in section 2.1 shall be excluded from their commercial activity.

VIÓ does not ship to this country.

3. Schedules.

3.1. VIÓ only ships on working days (Monday to Friday). Saturday and Sunday VIÓ will remain inoperative.
3.2. The maximum time to process an order on the same day is until 12:00 pm. For organizational reasons, VIÓ reserves a margin of 24 hours to process an order, even having been confirmed before 12:00 pm by the Client.
3.3. All orders received after 12:00 pm will be processed the next working day.
3.4. Orders received on holidays, Saturday and Sunday, will be processed from the next working day.

4. Purchase process.

4.1. The purchase process will not be understood as completed or admitted by VIÓ until the Client has formalized the payment and VIÓ has confirmed that he is in a position to supply the requested products. The act of executing a payment for a product by the Client and that VIÓ confirms its supply of the same constitutes a binding offer between both parties.

4.2. VIÓ will notify the Customer by email if they are not ready to supply the order. In this case, VIÓ will offer the options available at that time.

4.3. The Client guarantees and is responsible for the veracity in the data provided to VIÓ for the purchase on its website.

4.4. VIÓ is not obliged to accept an order and is authorized to verify and reject it before having confirmed it to the Client.

4.5. Information request.
VÍO will need to request the Client’s personal data to complete the purchase process: name and surname, contact numbers, shipping address and billing address (if different), etc …In the payment confirmation step, Customer will be asked for the necessary data according to the payment method chosen and following the instructions that our payment gateway indicates.
To know the treatment that VIÓ will give to Client’s data, check our “General Terms and Conditions”, which are published on our website.

4.6. User register.
Due to marketing or customer loyalty reasons, VIÓ may offer the possibility of creating a user register that will facilitate future purchases to its Customers. The Client will provide a “username” and “access code” (hereinafter both as “access data”), of which he will be responsible for keeping and keeping secret. VIÓ is exempt from any liability arising from misuse, fraudulent use or carelessness in the custody of the access data to this website.

4.7. Final Order Confirmation.
Once the purchase process has been completed, and once the step-by-step instructions have been followed, VIÓ will send the Customer a confirmation email with attached information and related to the order.
Depending on the logistics provider with which VIÓ collaborates at any time, the Customer may also receive a separate email with the data of the shipment of the merchandise (tracking number, estimated date of receipt, etc …).

5. Shipping costs.

5.1. Standard shipping.
The standard delivery time for VIÓ products is 3-6 working days from receipt of payment. These deadlines could be reduced or extended depending on the characteristics of the service of our logistics operator or circumstances that could affect the development of its activity. The price will be indicated during the purchase process, before the payment is confirmed.

5.2. Express shipping.
If the Client wishes that the type of shipment should be “urgent/express”, he must contact VIÓ and inform about it, before confirming the purchase and / or payment. VIÓ reserves the right to offer said service or not.
If an express service is performed, and a return process has been started by the Client, VIÓ will not pay the price difference between express service and the standard service offered in our standard sale.

5.3. Free shipping | NOT valid in SPECIAL PRICES and / or SALES campaigns |

– Peninsular Spain: The Customer will enjoy free shipping costs if it reaches or exceeds a billing per order of 100€.
– Balearic Islands: The Customer will enjoy free shipping costs if it reaches or exceeds a billing per order of 125€
– Continental Portugal: The Customer will enjoy free shipping costs if it reaches or exceeds a billing per order of 150€.
– Europe – zone 1 (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Sweden): The Customer will enjoy free shipping costs if it reaches or exceeds a billing per order of 200€.
– Europe – zone 2 (Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, San Marino, Switzerland, Vaticano): The Customer will enjoy free shipping costs if it reaches or exceeds a billing per order of 225€.
– Europe – zone 3 (Finland, Norway,  Russia, Ukraine): The Customer will enjoy free shipping costs if it reaches or exceeds a billing per order of 250€.

– UK (United Kingdom): The Customer will enjoy free shipping costs if it reaches or exceeds a billing per order of 275€.
VIÓ reserves the right to modify these amounts or cancel this concept without any claim being made by the Client. Any decision about that will be duly informed on the web.

5.4. Shipping costs for first size change.
The shipping cost of the apparel to VIÓ will be borne by the Customer. The shipment to the Customer with the new correct size garment will be assumed by VIÓ.

5.5 Shipping costs for second size change (and successive ones).
The shipping costs of the apparels to VIÓ and the subsequent shipment of the correct size apparels to the Customer will always be the responsibility of the Customer and will be paid by Customer.

6. Payment conditions.

6.1. All products purchased on this website must be paid by the Customer in full before sending.

6.2. VIÓ offers its Clients on this website the following secure payment gateways:
– TPV virtual banking (Visa® and MasterCard®).
– Paypal®.
– Bizum.
– Wire transfer.

6.3. If due to technical problems, derived by the Client’s bank, VIÓ does not receive the payment corresponding to a purchase, it will be cancelled. It will be the Client’s responsibility to contact his bank to solve these problems.

7. Issues during shipping.

7.1. VIÓ, and its logistics provider, will provide the necessary data to the Client for the online tracking of the shipment. The Client accepts that, once the product has left the VIÓ facilities, it is under the responsibility of the logistics provider.

7.2. The Customer must sign the corresponding delivery note that our logistics provider delivers, following their instructions. Any anomaly in the packaging of the product that the Client could identify, must be noted on the delivery note before taking charge of the shipment. Once the merchandise has been delivered to the Client and it is under its responsibility, the Client may not claim any concept regarding the shipment, delivery and condition of the package.

7.3. If any incident has been detected in the condition of the packaging, and only if it has been reflected on the delivery note, the Client must notify VIÓ within a period not exceeding 24 hours, by sending an Email to: Client must indicate the order number and the nature of the incident.
VIÓ will not assume any responsibility for the incidence of not fulfilling the aforementioned requirements.

8. Returns and cancellations of orders.

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