1.1. 1st RETURN FOR CHANGE OF SIZE: Shipping the garments to VIÓ will be paid by Customer / New shipping from VIÓ to Customer will be paid by VIÓ.
1.2. 2nd RETURN FOR CHANGE OF SIZE (and successive): Shipping the garments to VIÓ + new size shipping will be paid by Customer.
1.3. RETURN and / or RIGHT DISCLAIMER: Collection and shipment back to VIÓ always at the expense of the Client – From choosing our logistics operator and its platform of returns, the shipping costs will be equal to those originally paid and will be discounted of the total amount to be returned -.
1.4. MASSIVE PURCHASES (that is, different sizes of the same model and / or different sizes of different models): The return to VIÓ of the unwanted garments, will be considered as RETURN, leaving the shipping costs always in charge of the Client.


2.1. VIÓ offers the Customer the possibility of product change if, once he has physically verified the same, he states that the size he chose is not the right one and he wants to change it to another (same model and price).
2.2. The Customer must complete our form “Doc VIÓ_CAM-DEV-DES (ENG)_V1.5-2021” that was sent to him in paper format along with the product (you will also find it available for download on our website). Said completed and signed form must be attached with the product to be returned (original – not copy).
2.3. It is advisable to forward the information by email to:
2.4. The product to be changed must be unused, in perfect condition, in the same packaging with which it was sent, with the identification tags not removed or removed and with all the accessories that came with the sale (instructions, promotional stickers, gifts and / or items
promotional, etc …). Failure to comply with any of these conditions, VIÓ reserves the right not to accept the change of size by the Client and / or to claim compensation for the loss of product value in the market.

3. Order cancellations.

If, during the course of the management of the order, after the payment has been made and before being dispatched by VIÓ, the Customer partially or completely cancel the order, VIÓ reserves the right to claim a financial compensation for “expenses”. management. ” This amount will be 5% of the value of the canceled order.

4. Right of withdrawal.

4.1. All Customers may exercise the right of withdrawal within the next 14 calendar days from the moment of delivery of the product by our logistics provider (Law 3/2014 and Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament) .
4.2. State of the product for withdrawal. In order to accept the right of withdrawal on the part of the Client, the product must be received by VIÓ without using, in perfect condition, in the same packaging with which it was sent, with the identification labels without removing or removing and with all the add-ons that they accompanied the sale (instructions, promotional stickers, gifts and / or promotional items, etc …). Failure to comply with any of these conditions, VIÓ reserves the right not to accept the withdrawal by the Client and / or to claim compensation for the loss of product value in the market (being able to withhold or discount the refund to carry out, the proportion that you consider to have degraded the product).
4.3. Procedure.
In order for the Client to exercise his right of withdrawal, he must inform us of his decision at the postal address: C / Arquitecte Puig Boada, 40/08184 / Palau-solità i Plegamans (Barcelona-Spain); or by email to at the same time you send us the product in question.
The current legislation states that there is no need to state any special reason to justify the withdrawal decision, although VIÓ is grateful that the Client helps us to improve, giving us his opinion of what happened.
For this reason, Clients have available the form “Doc VIÓ_CAM-DEV-DES (ENG)_V1.5-2021” to complete and send it to us, not being mandatory to exercise such right.
The Client may attach this form together with the product reason for withdrawal.


5.1. General.
VIÓ products have a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase invoice. During the first 6 months after that date, any defect thereof will be presumably attributed to “factory defect” and will be covered by the guarantee. After this period, that is from the day following the sixth month to the two years, the Client will be in charge of showing that such defect can be attributed to factory defect.
The rights of our Clients are protected by the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users 1/2007 (ref. BOE-A-2007-20555).
Any damage or signs of wear that could be suffered or appear in the VIÓ products due to their normal and continued use, as well as their misuse, are excluded from the Guarantee.
5.2. Process of processing the Guarantee.
First: The Customer must send an email (Email) to the address, providing a copy of the purchase invoice (order) and images of the defect in question.
Second: The Dept. of Quality of VIO will evaluate the information received and if it is not enough to judge the origin of the defect, the Client will be instructed to send us the product.
Third: Once the product has been verified in our facilities, we will inform the Customer of the solution.

NOTE 1: If it is determined that the incident involves a replacement of the original product with a new one (same or similar product in force), the shipping would be covered by VIÓ. The shipping costs of the original product to our facilities will be borne by the Customer.
NOTE 2: If it is determined that the defect is not covered by the warranty, the original product will be sent back to the Customer. In this case, both the shipping and return costs will be borne by the Client.