If you want to make a paddle player happy, we recommend you to take into account this shortlist of Christmas proposals.
We have prepared it taking into account that we wanted to give you only the best options and help you get the best of yourself on the paddle or tennis court. You can equip yourself or that special person from head to toe or make that little detail so paddle player that it will surely get a smile.

The best paddle rackets

Boy’s paddle racket DROP SHOT CONQUEROR 7.0

This amazing paddle racket, designed for expert players, with diamond format, will allow you to achieve spectacular power. In addition, it adds an anti vibration system that allows you to improve control. For us, this shovel symbolizes the right balance between power and control, with it you can achieve excellent performance.

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Girl’s paddle racket ADIDAS Adipower Light 1.9

Adidas has created a lightweight and soft-touch paddel racket, designed to achieve great control. What has made it so different is its wide sweet spot, which helps to achieve excellent control. If Martita Ortega has chosen it, it must be for a reason!

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The Wave Exceed 3 of Mizuno stand out for being very comfortable, having a spectacular sole that allows a high precision grip on the court and a good cushioning system that your knees will appreciate.

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VIÓ, technical garments designed especially for the man & woman players. It improves performance on court thanks to its Microfresh fabric and its fit pattern adapts to the body allowing movement. You will not have weared a garment that gives you equal freedom of movement and keeping your body dry and fresh.



Details that make the difference

TUBOPLUS It is a pressure container that manages to extend the life of the balls. That means saving money, an improvement of the environment and a problem less for you, so you don’t have to always be thinking of bringing new balls to the match.

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Overgrips will allow you to find the right thickness you need to grab the paddle racket without causing injury. In addition, the perforated version will help you keep the paddle racket firm even in very sweaty situations.

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