30 minutes, 3 times a week. You are ready to be physically unbeatable on court!

Let’s be honest, there is a belief that the paddle is a sport that does not require excellent fitness to perform well on the court.

But if we go a little further, you will realize that if you often win the first set, but you miss the following, it may be because your performance drops with fatigue. A match of a certain intensity can be very hard if you are not fit.

If we add to this that without training we are much more exposed to suffer injuries , you already have a complete argument to change your routines a little.

So let’s get on with it and work a little to make our physique an extra point in our favor. Here we offer an example of how you could organize this time so that it does not involve a great effort and you can do it without problems. Before changing your sports routines , remember that it is important to have a medical checkup .
  1. Never forget to warm up (15 minutes)

Start walking and gradually increase the intensity to the race. Do not exceed 145 beats per minute. You can intersperse the intensity and increase the sections of the race as you feel prepared.

2. Work compensation (10 minutes)

Sports such as tennis and paddle develop one side of the body more than the other. The power circuits will help you compensate for the differences. Work shoulder, biceps, core and chest.

The direction of the movements with greater force is usually mainly in one direction (inwards: volleys, trays, smash, etc …). Also think about compensating these movements with other asymmetric ones (outwards). In this way you will strengthen dorsals, deltoids and triceps. An elastic band can be a good ally.

3. Leg Strengthening (5 minutes)

  1. Work the quadriceps and femoral flexion to ensure good starts within the court.
When finished, give yourself a few minutes of stretching , it is the best way to keep your muscles in shape and protect yourself against injuries.

As you exercise, you will be prepared to gradually increase the intensity of the exercises. Remember that it is important to perform regular medical check-ups and control of the exercises by a professional.

The training will allow you to feel stronger, more able to withstand the rhythm of the matches and will change the image you have of yourself. If you think you can play well, you will, and your performance and your results will improve.

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