The Trail Running is a sporting discipline that consists of running through the mountain on tracks, trails, narrow roads and crossing streams and some small river. Depending on the terrain and the degree of inclination, it can be done on foot, even if it is long and / or fast steps. At certain times, it may be necessary to use the hands to balance the body, overcome some obstacle or climb a wall.

The profile of the routes is usually quite steep , which demands who practices it and to strengthen the lower quadrant (feet and legs), to improve the balance, to refine the technique in the race (both ascent and descent), to optimize the level of energy used and to study the profile of the races, in order to be able to put into practice everything indicated.

Among the necessary material for your practice, we can find: specific shoes for Trail Running , technical garments , windproof jackets and waistcoats, hydration backpacks, mountain canes, over-sleeves and calves (compressive or not), night led lighting, GPS watches with heart rate monitor , and a long etcetera that it would give for another post.

We detail you below the 5 races that, under our opinion, are the most famous of the international circuit.


March, 4th-8th 2020 / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria / Spain

There are different modalities according to the profile of the participants: 360ºTrans – 128km Classic – 65km Advanced – 42km Marathon – 30km Starter – 17km Youth – Transgrancanaria Kids

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Patagonia Run

April, 3rd-4th 2020 / San Martín de los Andes / Patagonia / Argentina

This race is included in the ULTRA-TRAIL®WORLD TOUR world circuit. We can add little more about the beauty and uniqueness of Patagonia and specifically about the province of Neuquén, where the route of this race is located.

Different alternatives are offered in terms of distances and technical complexities, for this 2020 edition: 10k – 21k – 42k – 40k – 110k and 100 miles.

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May, 2nd-9th 2020 / La Palma / Canary Islands / Spain

The beauty of its landscapes, running between volcanoes, being able to practically touch the clouds while running, etc … All this force us obligatory to mention this event.

ULTRAMARATHON (74.33km – 4350m of D +) / MARATHON (45.21km – 2595m of D +) / HALF MARATHON (24.28km – 2097m of D +) / VERTICAL KILOMETER (7.6km – 1203m of D +) / TRANSVULCANIA KIDS-JUNIOR (limited to 800 participants and with free registration).

Westren States ® 100-Mile Endurance Run

June, 27th-28th, 2020 / Squaw Valley – California / USA

It is the oldest race in the 100 mile (160,934km) mode. The departure starts from the facilities that were used at the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley and ends at Placer High School in Auburn. Participants face ascents of 5486 meters and descents of 7000 meters.

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UTBM ® Mont-Blanc

August, 23rd-30th 2020 / Chamonix / Mont-Blanc / France

This is a peculiar event, since it encompasses 7 different tests in itself, which mobilizes 2,000 volunteers from 15 countries and runs through 18 municipalities in France, Italy and Switzerland.

UTMB® (170KM – 10,000m of D +) / PTL® (Petite Trotte à Lèon – 300km – 25,000m of D +) / CCC® (100km – 6100m of D +) / TDS® (Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie – 145km – 9100m of D +) / OCC (55km – 3500m of D +) / MCC (Martigny Combe Chamonix – 40km – 2300m of D +) YCC (Youth Chamonix Courmayeur – Race for young people 15-23 years old – With distances and profiles adapted to each age range).

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